​Configure, Price & Quote

The market for CPQ-solutions is growing higher than the ERP and CRM markets, as they are about to mature. Most companies selling advanced products and services have already implemented business systems to help them optimize their production and keep track of their customers. 

​They are now looking for help to automate the generation of quotes for their configurable products and services, based on advanced pricing rules according to individual customer’s needs – in other words, the CPQ system is the next wave of new systems to implement​

The actual product configurations can either be extracted from your ERP-system, like SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite or JD Edwards or other modern ERP systems. It is also possible to model product and pricing configurations in your ERP System’s own configurator module or in any of the best-of-breed systems from Configit, Tacton or others. In fact SolutionSpace has

developed our own relative simple configuration and CPQ system, called Toolkit+.

SolutionSpace can help you select the best configuration platform for your needs, establish the necessary product and pricing models and implement the complete CPQ solution for your entire sales force around the globe or for your different sales channels.

Configuration capabilities

SolutionSpace offers third generation solutions with advanced sales and product configuration capabilities. The configurators are used for optimizing the variances in product development and production, for sales configurators, and for maintenance, service of complex products as well as for services such as insurance plans, pension schemes etc.


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