Sales Configuration can boost your sales of complex product and services

A Sales Configuration Solution can *):

  • Improve Accuracy of Quotes by more than 75%
  • Cut down Quotation Time by orders of magnitude
  • Help increase Sales Productivity by up to 25%
  • Shorten Sales Cycles to half of what it took before
  • Raise Customer Satisfaction dramatically
  • Secure higher Hit Rates by 30% +
  • Reduce Risk by 20 – 25%​

*): Source: Forbes Magazine, January 2014​​

​If You are selling complex products and services you might, as many other companies, find it difficult to ensure that the different sales channels are kept up-to-date with new products and prices, replaced and discontinued components as well as promotional campaigns and packaging. Conventional Catalogues and spreadsheet based Price Lists simply cannot keep up with the ever increasing speed of change and tough competition of today’s business.

​CPQ is the Next Step

Many companies have implemented advanced ERP systems to control production and costing and CRM to help them keep track of customers and prospects as well as Business Intelligence to improve Management Information. These systems are in most cases still focusing on their primary purpose and are not sufficient to ensure that Sales will reach their budgets and create enough satisfied customers.​

​An advanced CPQ-system is according to leading industry analysts the next generation of tools to help companies accurately Configure, Price and Quote their complex products and services through marked adapted sales channels, based on complete up-to-date product and price information from the ERP-system to the customers and prospects in their CRM-system and with tight integration to the BI-system to give full visibility of their sales activities.

Get morte inspiration to what CPQ can do for Your Business here: 

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