Arabian Can Industry LLC​

Arabian Can Industry LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Al Ghurair Group, is one of the foremost producers of three piece tinplate cans and components in the MENA region, situated in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

ACI is well-known for its Quality, Reliability and Stability. ACI has an integrated and versatile can plant with full in-house facilities for Tinplate Printing, Coating and Fabrication of built up Cans and Component making. By using modern machineries in printing and design technology, the factory has the capacity and facility to produce any item related to Food/General Cans, Ends & Components and Printed sheets. To meet the most demanding international standards, ACI always uses high quality raw materials under the stringent control and supervision of experts.

ACI Solution Footprint

  • Oracle Supply Chain (Order Management, Advanced Pricing, Inventory, Purchasing, Costing, Quality)
  • Oracle Manufacturing (Work In Process, Bill of Material)

Key Business Drivers

  • Disconnect between sales and production
  • Productions initiated before order confirmation and credit approvals based on expectations from Sales.
  • All information exchanged through mail/phone/paper
  • Negative margins especially on low volume orders that do not match plant capabilities especially in terms of change-over time.
  • Huge efforts used in manual reporting on Quality and Production

Key Benefits

  • Reduced time spent on manual handling/reporting
  • No productions initiated until formally confirmed/approved leading to reduced FG inventory and write-offs.
  • Full cost transparency from quotation to invoice considering order volume and start-up costs.
  • Central repository of Quality information complying with standards requested by larger customers, enabling more sales.

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