​​IDISpharma Ltd                                                                

​Pharmaceutical industry, Weybridge, UK, global player, recently acquired by Clinigen Group plc. Connecting medicine and patients across the globe, through Managed Access Programs (MAP). Providing valuable pre- clinical trial data services to the manufacturers. Provides access to medicines for over 100,000 patients per year. Have to date successfully delivered more Managed Access Programs than anyone else.

The Challenge

Success in Managed Access Programs, but manpower heavy processes in capturing and analysing/reporting on these Error prone manual procedures in the pharmaceutical space – not a good mix Wanted to extend service offering to include real world clinical trial data.

General push in the market towards extending online presence/brand and allow customers to service themselves at their convenience. A strong wish to be at the forefront of this evolution

In the middle of core E-Business Suite implementation with multiple freelancers but little expertise in customer facing applications.

The Solution

Implementation of the E-Business suite webshop platform (iStore and iSupport) and fully utilising the bi-directional integration with backend ERP to modules like Order Management, Pricing, Shipping, Invoicing, Service, Product Master and Customer Master.

Developing innovative Platform for online capturing of MAP applications and Real World Data while leveraging the Oracle EBS backbone to ensure data integrity and protection. At the same time automating time consuming data entry and analysis processes.

Validation against known medical dictionaries like medDRA to improve data entry quality.

​The Result

Full online platform where the user has control over their orders, account, shipments, invoices and support requests reducing the load on the callcenter staff. Track and Trace with major logistics partners –> transparency in deliveries. 

Alignment of expectations with accurate promise dates directly pulled from inventory, orders and purchases. Both internal and external users register applications for MAP programs fast and efficiently through the webshop platform with automatic ordering the corresponding products while enforcing correct data entry in a web 2.0 User Interface. 

Real World Data capture available to set up with any eligible program and made automatically available to the producer/ manufacturer through a BI portal next day without additional manual effort.​

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