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​KM Telecom is one of the largest suppliers of Mobile Network Solutions for mobile operators, supplying all types of construction projects such as turn-key infrastructure for mobile telecom-Munication stations for both Danish and foreign customers e.g. TDC, Telia, Telenor, Ericsson, Motorola & Nokia.

The Challenge

During the past 10 years, KM Telecom has grown with an impressive pace, and the business which is today operated from the premises in Fredericia poses increasingly higher requirements than previously in terms of automation of processes and workflows. The manual processes have had the unintended effect that the company experience bottlenecks, e.g. there is only one person who can make framework agreements, which makes the company very vulnerable in a very essential area. At the same time, the order portfolio at KM Telecom consists of a large number of smaller orders rather than few big orders, which only further emphasizes the need for automation in the quotation process, as well as in the order management.

The Solution

As a core element in the implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite at KM Telecom, the solution includes:

  • Implementation of Oracle PIM and development of a good consistent product directory structure where all items are described with metadata and product names / descriptions are automatically generated.
  • Model of the KMT product range as the basic structure for procurement / framework agreements.
  • Implementation of Oracle Configurator as an element in the quotation process to handle the challenges of setting up framework agreements and deals on mobile sites.
  • guide users to select the correct variants of the framework agreements and remember surcharge for benefits that are beyond the framework agreement.
  • apply Configurator Output to control the structure in the following project (Project Management Module).
  • Extension of Excel integrations for mass creation and maintenance of price information based on Oracle's latest integration platform - Desktop Integrator.

​The Result

The new solution has given KM Telecom the following advantages:

  • Removal of bottlenecks and reduced time spent in specification work.
  • Consistency in a wide range of processes saves time, from specification work, over quotation to final invoicing.
  • There is focus on extra services, which can then be billed to the customer.
  • With greater insight and control of the quotation process, the potential risk when expanding the business into more countries is reduced.
  • The quality and homogeneity of the offers has increased significantly and the risk of error has been sharply reduced.

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