​​Uni-Chains A/S                                                            

​As part of Ammeraal Beltech Modular, Uni-Chains is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic modular belts and chains for internal transport, having a large range of products for various industries – such as automotive, corrugated and food. 

The Challenge

Uni-Chains has sales offices in more than 10 countries and receives 60,000-70,000 customer inquiries annually. In order to deliver a high and consistent quality across geographies, while having short response times demanded by customers, it is critical that sales and customer support have easy access to updated product and price information as well as an effective system to support the process from inquiry to delivery.

The Solution

SolutionSpace implemented the Oracle Configurator and Advanced Pricing modules in the existing Oracle E-Business Suite solution. They have built configurable production BOMs with associated operations and built a web interface for capturing customer needs and configuring a product solution that meets the customer's needs. 

SolutionSpace has developed customized Configurator Extensions as standard Oracle Configurator functionality was not sufficient. An example of such an extension is import of product data from MS Excel.

​The Result

The new solution has given Enalyzer the following advantages:

  • Preperation of a quotation during the course of a telephone conversation (5 min)
  • Possible to compare cost and sales prices before accept of the order
  • ​Improved employee satisfaction by reducing the time used on routine work
  • ​Exact match between the customer’s request and the produced belt​

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