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Uponor is a leading international provider of plumbing and indoor climate systems and services for the building and utility sectors across Europe, North America and in other international markets. In close partnership with building industry professionals we are continuously seeking out innovative ways to ensure our systems offer the most efficient, reliable and high-performing solutions available to residential and commercial structures around the globe.

All their solutions are designed to enrich people’s way of life for efficient performance, long lifetime and a low environmental footprint: fast and easy to install, conserving water and energy, providing comfort and health, and giving peace of mind.

With ca. 3,800 committed employees and a local presence in over 30 countries, Uponor is at your service all over the world. Uponor is headquartered in Finland in Vantaa and listed on the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki stock exchange.

The Challenge

Uponor’s core model in Oracle eBusiness Suite was designed originally to manage standard items as the number of custom-tailored configure-to-order items was relatively low and has been managed by using generic items (one item number for range of items). However, during the last couple of years the number of generic items has increased and was expected to increase even more.

The old generic item process was not efficient as it required lot of manual work.​With generic items and FIFO costing method, it was neither possible to have accurate product costing for custom-tailored products, nor manage unique data (weight, volume, intrastat, etc.) for these items. The primarily aim of Oracle Configurator project was to find an efficient solution to manage transactional and cost data for custom-tailored products and allocate accurate product cost to specific customer order. In addition there is a need to integrate the configurator to the Reporting (Oracle Business Intelligence), Product Management (Windchill) and Sales systems in order to have an overall solution to manage custom-tailored, one-time items within Uponor’s business processes.​

The Solution

The purpose of this project was to implement Configuration Technology in Uponor’s existing Oracle E-Business Suite solution to provide functionality for Product Modelling of selected complex product families, Configure, Price and Quote these in connection with Uponor’s existing Offering solutions and establish integration to other relevant modules and applications in order to replace the current generic item approach. It brings enhancements to current way of handling product configuration, especially:

  • ​Enabling accurate product costing
  • ​Making the process more efficient allowing us to auto-generate
  • ​Production work orders from sales orders
  • ​Bill of materials and routings
  • ​Purchase requisitions from sales orders incl. unique non-Uponor items
  • ​Unique items numbers with item specific data (intrastat and physical dimensions)
  • ​Streamlining and improving pricing and automatize product availability checking

The Result

The Oracle Configurator is now fully integrated with the existing Oracle E-Business Suite modules at Uponor. However, in addition to the Configure to Order process, the following areas was also fine-tuned in connection with the implementation of the Configurator:

  • ​Global Order Promising
  • ​Supply planning (ASCP)
  • ​Demand Planning (Demantra)
  • ​EDI and e-invoicing
  • ​Transportation Management
  • ​Intercompany and drop shipment processes
  • ​Business Intelligence

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