Consultancy on Business Process Optimization

Knowing your business processes as they look today is the starting point for any
​implementation with SolutionSpace​

Our consultants have many years of experience with the typical processes and challenges in sales, production and engineering departments and are quickly involved in discussions on the improvement potential and vision for change.

One of the pillars of procurement, order management, production and material planning is the structure and nature of the product you sell. To understand the functions and structures as well as where the variants in your product line are generated allows for better advice on maintenance and information flow from the customer through sales and into production. Getting into your product's anatomy is one of our core competencies.

Production and financial management

In order to determine selling prices and expected margins already in the early quoting phase and continuously improve the cost-efficiency requires a deep understanding of how the cost is allocated in the purchase, production, storage and delivery processes. 

We use classic production and supply chain cost principles to prepare basic cost distribution and apply it in sales, production and financial management.​

Another important element in the implementation of enterprise systems is the planning and management of the projects and the changes they imply. We use project management based on PRINCE2 or the US PMI concept mixed with Oracle's AIM method to ensure that projects are well structured, carried out efficiently and take care of the changes.

Successful customer projects

SolutionSpace is, based on numerous successful customer projects, able to advise your company on how you can benefit from the implementation of new ERP technology, the introduction of configuration-based management of your complex products and services or how you can get even more out of your investment in this type of systems, simply by adjusting a few business processes.

Read how SolutionSpace helped IDISpharma providing Patients access to advanced medicine world-wide. 

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