Customization & Development​

Every company has its own IT landscape to support their business processes and we typically perform integrations between ERP, MES, CRM, CAD, CMS, PLM and configuration systems to create the best possible support of your business.​

Many IT consultancy companies are living by selling huge adjustments to their customers' ERP systems, so they eventually can no longer be upgraded and keeps the company firmly on an old version of the system. This has been done for many years and the result is usually that you end up having to go through an extensive and costly implementation of a new system because the old no longer supports the business needs.

At SolutionSpace we have a different approach to the missing functionality. We believe that it is important that you can follow your ERP system’s upgrade cycles. You pay the maintenance fee every year to access the bug fixes and new functionality, so it is far cheaper and less resource-intensive to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Functionality to the business

This means that if the system lacks any significant functionality to the business on order to grow or make more money, then it is better to integrate the existing system with a solution that meets the current needs. It is our specialty to make the two systems to talk to each other without making more changes than absolutely necessary.​​

​In several cases, we have seen that the supplier of our customer's ERP system has additional modules that are really intended to lift another task, but by making quite simple changes can be adapted and integrated into existing systems, thereby supporting a new business process in a quick and cost effective manner. Other times, there has been a need for special development of entire applications that give you the flexibility and stability you need in your unique business. However, it is important for SolutionSpace to evaluate all options before we resort to dedicated development.

Integration and development tasks, we use the best technology for the job from a variety of options including MS-SQL, Oracle PL / SQL, Web Services (SOA), ASP.NET, C #, Java, JavaSript, Jquery, HTML, XML and XSLT.

Read how SolutionSpace helps a English pharmaceutical company to introduce an entirely new business concept by developing a few simple web-based add-on solutions on top of their Oracle ERP system​

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