Enterprise Architecture

People, processes, systems and integrations

SolutionSpace knows how to adapt to diversified IT landscapes.

Our customers rarely encounter a single platform application provider for ERP, CRM, PIM, PLM, CPQ or a core Configurator.

With the needed Master Data, enterprise architecture often requires careful attention to the whole architecture, not only technical but also the business and process architecture and UX experience.

SolutionSpace can guide and assist you in adapting the  CPQ and core Configuration solutions to help you design, document and implement the collected architecture as needed.

modern integration platforms

SolutionSpace includes the integrations that adapt to these IT landscapes. We have the necessary experience and technical capabilities for integrating through modern integration platforms (ESB) using:

  • More traditional flat-file transfers
  • Point-to-point integrations
  • Direct database connection
  • Standard or home-built database packages
  • Servlet based APIs

We focus on maintaining the application setup and modelling the content, including products, prices, texts, visuals etc. Furthermore, we create long-lasting value by implementing the correct balance between standard implementations, leveraging standard functions within the applications to bring them to life, and sharing customization if needed.

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