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SolutionSpace offers advisory, implementation and support.

While it is increasingly challenging to reduce the complexity of tasks, SolutionSpace can help manage your complexity efficiently and in a reliable manner. Whenever configuration is involved, our team of experts can help you from the initial stage of development through structured assessments, design, implementation, and post-solution support.

Configuration is increasingly implemented due to the complex nature of quotation processes and engineer-to-order (ETO) transitioning to configure-to-order (CTO) processes. E-commerce integration and sales configuration development increasingly require speed and consistency in daily operations where new solutions are presented to your customers. In addition, administrative domains, like certification and application requests and approvals, are increasingly complex and often benefit from a configuration approach.

Whether you’re looking into projects requiring CPQ, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, PIM, MES or PLM implementation, SolutionSpace can stand beside you and help you clarify the best way forward. Our team provides functional analysis and design, solution architecture, vendor selection, process design and master data management, resulting in a relevant and solid solution that can easily be implemented and operated.

Beyond system driven projects, several challenges may arise, including insufficient support processes for sales and quotation, product go-to-market applications, configurable product management, pricing complexity or controlling multi-faceted market assortments.

SolutionSpace is your partner in reaching new heights of performance.

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