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The specifics of your company and trade is essential to us. We invest intensively in understanding the context and special mechanisms that drive and build your business to be sure we actually ask the right questions and define the right solutions for implementation.

Together, our consultants share years of broad experience within sales, production and engineering departments. This approach helps us collaborate with you on the potential for improvement, the solutions to the challenges and the vision for change. Getting into the anatomy of your products or services is, in addition, one of our core competencies.

One of the pillars of procurement, order management, production and material planning is the structure and nature of the materials you buy and products you sell. Equally the pillars of the information and regulatory content you manage and the certifications you provide. Understanding the functions and structures and where the variance in your product line and services are generated allows for better advice on how to optimize the workflow from the customer through sales and into production and development. And it naturally points at the best ways of treating your Master Data behind.

When determining selling prices and expected margins already in the early quoting phase and continuously improving the cost-efficiency, we utilize our deep understanding of how the cost is allocated in the purchase, production, storage and delivery processes.

We use classic production and supply chain cost principles to prepare primary cost distribution and apply it in sales, production and financial management.​


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