Configure - Price - Quote Solutions

We deliver turn-key CPQ projects implementing all aspects of:

  • Business process understanding in the form of process mapping, steam-lining and change management
  • Content and Master Data architecting, modelling and governance, 
  • Application architecting, setup and extension 
  • Integration architecting, development, mapping and testing within diversified IT landscapes
manage your complexity

When you move from isolated sales channels to omnichannel sales founded in the same base of products, prices, visuals, descriptions and regulations, we can help you design and implement that change. In addition, we help you manage the complexity associated with your products, prices, financial setup of lease or subscription, contracting, customers, markets, sales channels and much more. 

SolutionSpace is aware it takes full orchestrating, streamlining and support of multiple sales processes, including:

  • Opportunity to Order (Sales Order, Project, Subscription, Contract)
  • Cart to Order
  • Order Change Request to Order Amendment
  • Price List Publishing
  • Validations and checks like export control, credit, valid SIM subscriptions etc.
  • Cost distribution application in sales, production and financial management
independant counselling

We offer independent advisory and vendor selection and subsequently an implementation partnership when a solution has been chosen. Here we are approved partners for Oracle CPQ Cloud, Configit Quote, PROS SmartCPQ and Tacton CPQ.

We focus on maintainability in both the application setup and modelling your content like products, prices, texts, visuals, etc.

We implement to bring value and make it last, having the right balance between standard implementations, leveraging normal functions within the applications to get them to life and only if required extend the application with custom functionality to support your business entirely.

We rarely encounter a single platform application provider for ERP, CRM, PIM, PLM – then adding CPQ to the mix. Our team is well trained in adapting the CPQ solutions to help you design, document and implement the collected architecture as needed. You can read more about this here.

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