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We are approaching Configure-X.

Manage your complexity rather than repeatedly wasting your time and effort on reducing it, only to find it popping up again due to customer needs and competition.

Configuration is multiplying into many different areas of operation in larger companies, far beyond traditional product configuration.

It is a continuum from simple fixed products to fully-fledged mass customization. Exceedingly, products are increasingly used for managing customer views and segments, advanced pricing, compositions for forecasting and planning, advanced request processes for certification and regulatory compliance etc.

dynamic themes

The question is not if – but where in your business you can benefit from a change from a static, linear approach to more dynamic and composite use of your key data. We can help you explore, design and decide.

Examples of themes could be:

  • Fast and sufficient price quotes without building the whole engineering BOM at the start of an Engineer-to-order process
  • Determine selling prices and expected margins already in the early quoting phase and at the same time continuously improve the cost-efficiency
  • The common backbone for e-com, PIM, ERP and engineering systems providing valid choices, selections and BOM’s at different levels of details
  • Dynamic BOM’s based on sales configuration or other parameters
  • Include market segments and geographical areas, building complex and diversified product catalogues and pricing
  • Manage systems, turn-key solutions, bundles and related accessories, and efficient as your base products and services.
independant counselling

We offer independent counselling and vendor selection for the technical solution. We can continue or pick up on the actual setup, implementation and roll out. We also support the ongoing maintenance of the platforms and the configuration models and rules they contain. We are skilled within:

  • Configit
  • Oracle Configure Cloud
  • Oracle e-Business Configure
  • Tacton
  • Tacton Configurator Studio™
  • Tacton CPQ

As well as core configuration platforms, SolutionSpace can assist when the configuration is embedded in: 

  • Oracle CPQ
  • PROS
  • Tacton CPQ

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